Post Office Studios conceptualised and produced five animated films to launch Asian Paints’ Colour Next series this year, which were released at country's most definitive design and home decor week, India Design ID, in mid-February.

Every year, Asian Paints launches an expertly researched and curated set of trends that reflect the aesthetics of our times, along with a carefully handpicked colour of the year; all of which they later translate into home décor ranges drawing inspiration from the same. The four diverse trends this year are Adulting, Enchanted, Harvest and F-lux, in addition to Asian Paints’ Colour of the Year for 2019: Awakening. 

In order best showcase these trends to the audience, the team at Post Office largely used 3D Motion Graphics to set tone to the visuals, seamlessly integrating the elements and thought process encapsulating these trends into a single narrative. Around 15 different artists with distinct creative styles worked on the films, all meticulously selected to match the visuals concerned. The creatives, too, were designed to complement and bring out the year-long research undertaken by Asian Paints, rather than override the same in any way.  The videos are thus reflective of a unique collaboration between a pioneer in design, Asian Paints, and an upcoming new media technology company that is focused on innovative storytelling- resulting in the creation of a set of 3D animated films that are rarely seen in commercial advertising space in India.


Asian Paints launched its integrated brand campaign, Colour Next ‘19, meticulously selecting a ‘Colour of the Year 2019’, Vine Yard, which is a shade of plum that lies between the colours purple and brown. The purple in the mix brings in authority and power, while the brown lends it a down-to-earth touch, thus making the colour reflective of a strong resolve with noble intentions.

A variety of distinct, abstract elements comprise the film’s visuals, varying from those that fall on the regal end of the spectrum, to others that are more humble in nature. Throughout the film, the Vine Yard colour palette is strongly relied upon to visually showcase the same.



The trend ‘Adulting’ is reflective of the new generation of millennials, who don’t shy away to deviate from norms and constantly redefine their idea of being an adult.

Solid, block elements and funky objects outline the visuals, bringing attention to the outgoing and spontaneous personalities of the ‘Adulting’ generation. Their versatile lives and disdain to fit into defined boxes have been represented through the colour palette used, which comprises bright and perky shades of orange and blue, contrasted with duller shades of grey.



Disrupting the older notions of luxury, the trend ‘F-Lux’ looks to encapsulate authenticity and intimacy, recognising the value of the creative process that goes into developing various artisanal products.

The elements depicted in the film comprise artisanal, handmade patterns and textures, staying free from external embellishments that take away from their natural form. The colour palette used is soothing, yet reflecting significant richness.



The trend ‘Harvest’ takes cognizance of the pressure faced by the environment, leading to scientists and innovators creating biological, sustainable solutions that are far more viable than their traditional counterparts.


The colour pallette used takes inspiration from lab grown bacterial dyes & living colours. Though organic in nature, there is a surprising luminance to the shades. The visuals highlight the amalgamation of technology and craftsmanship, leading to the development of socially responsible materials for the 21st century



Asian Paints launched its integrated brand campaign, Colour Next ‘19, showcasing an expertly curated set of trends for the year 2019. The trend ‘Enchanted’ is a portrayal of surreal landscapes and natural wilderness, breaking free from the minimalist style that is reflective of the last few years. The film therefore, comprises imaginary elements from fables and magical stories, such as mythical fauna and flora, which have been significantly dramatised to indicate a larger than life experience.


Post Office Studios was responsible for the production, design and animation of the brand film, as well as conceptualising the key visuals for the entire Colour Next campaign.


The textures and patterns used in the film have been seamlessly integrated into the various elements depicted, portraying an illusionary vibe that adds to the viewer’s curiosity and sense of exploration. The colour pallete used is a mix of deeper shades of blue and green, as well as subtle metallic ones, in order to make the film look mystical.



A  Post Office Studios Film

In Association with Asian Paints

Director: Aditya Tawde

Creative Director :  Harsh Sharma
Lead Producer: Aunnesha Sen

Associate Producer : Saloni Dukle

Storyboard: Omkar Sawant, Pankaj Gole, Vivek Karandikar

Editors: Aditya Tawde, Akhtar Shaikh

VO Studio/Engineer: Ridhi Raag Studios / Brandon Cooper


Design & Animaton: Fabian Aerts

Music Composer: Aditya Ashok 

Sound and Music Design: Aditya Ashok 

VO Artist: Kavea Chavali

Storyboard: Vivek Karandikar


Design & AnimatonMartin Salfity

Sound and Music Design: Aditya Ashok

Music Composer: Aditya Ashok 

VO Artist: Prerna Chawla

Scriptwriter: Nandini Godara

Storyboard: Omkar Sawant,

3D Design and Animation: Harsh Sharma, Vaibhav Negi
Associate 3D Design and Animation: Shanel Moraes
Music Composer: Noazad Patel
Sound Mix and Design: Tommy Monterio
Sound Studio: Splice Studios
VO Artist: Anusha Mishra

Storyboard: Pankaj Gole

Colour Of The Year

Design & Animaton: Iain Chudleigh, Gabor Ekes, Vincenzo Memeo, Marcel HB, Vladimir Arisov, Dave Stewart, Felipe Goldsack, Nachei  Sanchez, Mesrop Hovhannisyan​​​​​​​,

Vaibhav Negi 

Scriptwriter: Nandini Godara

Music Composer : Noazad Patel

Sound Mix and Design: Tommy Monterio

VO Artist: Aditi Thirani


Illustrator Ewa Geruzel

Animators: Pratik Satam, Neekhil Dighe

3D Design: Vaibhav Negi 

Sound Mix and Design: Tommy Monterio

Sound Studio: Splice Studios

Scriptwriter: Nandini Godara

VO Artist: Prerna Chawla

Storyboard: Vivek Karandikar

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