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The focus of this film was to address the matter of domestic violence and the abuse of women. Through this film, Mai Family Services aimed to empower women by providing them with the help they need, talking to anyone who is aware of such instances around them and willing them to come forward and take action. With regards to the PSA films, Mai Family Services hopes to address other issues faced by the South Asian community and educate them about the support they can receive.





A Supari Studios and Post Office Film
In Association with Mai Family Serivces

Directors: Mohit Bhasin, Aditya Tawde
Executive Producers: Advait Gupt, Akshat Gupt
Lead Producer: Mitali Sharma
Producers: Manoti Jain, Tara Kapur, Mohit Bhasin

Associate Producer: Akshita Kariwala
Post Supervisior: Aditya Tawde

Illustrators: Mehr Chatterjee, Vikrant Barmate, Bhanushankar Bhartia

2D Colourists: Ez Ak, Bhanushankar Bhartia
Cel Animators: Mehr Chatterjee, Vikrant Barmate
Writer: Sofia Thenmozhi Ashraf
Script: Nandita Gupta
Voice Over Artist: Ratna Pathak Shah 
Original Score and Sound Design: Rahul Pais
Storyboard Artist: Adarsh Panicker

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